Lemon Cooking Sauce

Some of the excellent ingredients found in our Gourmet Lemon Sauce



Three lemons with leavesThe health benefits of lemons are due to its many nourishing elements like vitamin C, vitamin B, phosphorous, proteins, and carbohydrates. Lemon is a fruit that contains flavonoids, which are composites that contain antioxidant and cancer fighting properties. It helps to prevent diabetes, constipation, high blood pressure, fever, indigestion and many other problems, as well as improving the skin, hair, and teeth. Studies conducted at the American Urological Association highlight the fact that lemonade or lemon juice can eliminate the occurrence of kidney stones by forming urinary citrate, which prevents the formation of crystals.

  1. Lemon being a citrus fruit, fights against infection.
  2. Lemon is an antioxidant which deactivates the free radicals preventing many dangerous diseases like stroke, cardiovascular diseases and cancers.
  3. Lemon lowers blood pressure and increases the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) .
  4. Lemon juice is given to relieve gingivitis, stomatitis, and inflammation of the tongue.
  5. Lemon juice is given to prevent common cold.
  6. Lemon juice relieves colic pain and gastric problems.

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sliced ginger root

Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments for centuries. Now, science is catching up and researchers around the world are finding that ginger works wonders in the treatment of everything from cancer to migraines.

  1. Motion Sickness Remedy Ginger has been shown to be an effective remedy for the nausea associated with motion sickness.
  2. Reduces Pain and Inflammation  One study showed that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful natural painkiller.
  3. Cold and Flu Prevention and Treatment Ginger has long been used as a natural treatment for colds and the flu. Many people also find ginger to be helpful in the case of stomach flus or food poisoning, which is not surprising given the positive effects ginger has upon the digestive tract.
  4. Migraine Relief Research has shown that ginger may provide migraine relief due to its ability to stop prostaglandins from causing pain and inflammation in blood vessels.


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Urad Dal

Urad dal , black gram , vigna mungoUrad dal is a special bean that originated in India and has been grown in India from before the time of Christ 2000 years ago. Black Urad dal in English is known as ‘Black Gram dal’. Urad dal in English is also known as black lentil. In Hindi Black Gram Dal is known as Urad dhuli (Black gram skinned), Urad chilka (Black gram split) and Urad sabut or Urad saboot (Black gram whole). Urad Dal is also called Kali dal in Hindi. Urad Dal in Tamil is ‘Ulundu Paruppu’, Urad dal in Telugu is ‘Minappappu’ or ‘ Minapa Pappu’and in Malayalam it is known as ‘Uzhunnu Parrippu’. Urad dal can also be spealt as urd dal and urid dal.


  1. Urad dal is one of the richest sources of proteins and Vitamin B
  2. It is one of the richest sources of proteins and Vitamin B. Urad dal is also good for women as it has iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium
  3. Rich in fibre which makes it easy to digest.
  4. Reduces cholesterol and improves cardiovascular health.


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