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“Essentials for Cooking Indian” ™

Sambar Kitchen “Essentials” Tamarind Puree and Concentrate

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“Essentials for Cooking Indian” ™

100% Organic Ghee


We care 110% about what we do here at Sambar Kitchen, so we use only the finest and the healthiest ingredients in all of our products. We don’t try to cut corners by using sub-par ingredients because we know that good nutrition and good food are two things that a person needs. You just can’t get by in life without being healthy and enjoying some great food now and then.

Again, because we care so much about what goes into our bodies and our products, you’ll find real and natural ingredients here. You may be surprised at just how beneficial a serving of tomato or a serving of garlic is for you, which we’ll get into even more as we move from product to product – that way you can see for yourself. You only have one body, don’t waste it by stuffing it full of un-natural fillers.

That being said, one of the problems that we’ve noticed so many people have is trying to cook a good, healthy meal at home without resorting to TV dinners or other types of frozen foods. Sometimes it can be tough to put together a great meal after you’ve just gotten off of work and picked up the kids from soccer practice. You’re worn out, we understand that – and that’s the very reason why we’ve created these products. We want you to be able to bring our family recipes to your family, without having to slave in the kitchen for hours.

It really is almost as easy as just opening the jar. Sure, there’s a few more steps involved but really, when it comes down to it all you have to do is open up the sauce, add your own rice and/or your favorite protein and you’re 90% done with putting an amazing and healthy meal on your table. You’re going to love how easy it is!